Who is Jean Grae?

Jean is a super hero. She's better than you at doing everything. Even stuff you haven't done yet. She writes raps and makes music too. All of which are better than your raps or music, if you do that sort of thing.

Friday, June 17, 2011

CaseBasket Lyrics

hold up, wordsmith, blacksmith,
girl in the school parking lot with a fat spliff,
old shit, full circle, bob barker, backflips,
got mad rap kids but not a catholic, preaching that gospel, not baptist,
redesign placements, nos-ag-stic,
getting, too crazy? my bad shit,
you aint lazy, I'm bat shit, basket case, you can blame me, its the madness, jg, congrats bitch,
in raps last place, so the vantage points dangerous, a black ditch underground cave where the canvas is the wall around me stained with my blood and my fans pics,
a motherfucker with nothing to lose is a bad bitch,
misconstrued, miss my aim, you lose,
kiss the shoes, diss my name, hiss, boos,
your clique is fools, fucking with niggas and jigaboos, I'm sick of buffoons, fucking sick of thinking of coons,
I aint ever dig a rule, or kick a particular tune,
I'm penning its venting me niccotine liquor and booze,
I'm me, choose choice, it's the new shit,
don't be, confused boys, the new shtick, is no shtick, promote this,
offbeat, off road shit, with a kotex,
flow mo heavy than most chicks, so fuck a 28 days I keep a tampax with my show shit,
right next to an open bottle reeking of roses,
next to a broken bottle seeping leaking neurosis,
sleeping on Jeannie? most is? most ears.... aint heard of the beating, cause I'd be.... most feared,
See its more convenient to leave me alone in the background, blacked out, in a basement with a gagged mouth,
I dont want nobody to save me, I'll hack out,
Shawshank redemption, no thanks to mention,
act now, get a special deal on the raps out,
for free 99 I'll beat 99 acts down,
but leave one please, I need a comedy track clown, your beats jokes relief, hope you finally go that route,
if thee is next to Tsidi don't act out,
I'm a phe no me non, retarted don like my mommy done crack (wow),
a super jerk, call me Clark Kent at sperm bank, with girl mags, I'd be like SPIT if I burned tags,
I burn flags, burn, man, not books or bras, fam,
swing bars, multiple partners, Tarzan,
marzipan, that's it no reference, no depth shit,
breathe and let the bars stand.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Assassins verse

Heeeeere you go!

Fasten your seat belts for the last of the three assassins on earth
The first flashing her purse where the heat's stashed
They call me Jean McCoy, beast in thee employ
deploy deplorable, through audible destructive actions, attractive decoy
Then pass it to Troy, after I'm passing your life over
He'll deliver it through river Styx, Hades
I'm cold, deliberate, ladies, my foes limited
pray me some praise (whisper it)
stay on your toes, villains, it's Grae and your day's whittling.
Blistering lines packed in sick, stick to spine
Racked with a sick mind, trapped in thick bitch frame
Drug you with strychnine, in nine drinks you drunk and it's my kidney, you dickbrain, I'm just itching to slit veins
Stitch lines, Rick James, Fuck yo lives, sip brains, bitches
Niggas, kick rocks, or kick rhymes, it's to the pain
liquor riddled liver, sieve in it, sipping it like Capri Sun
ignint as ever, she's clever, equivalent be none

A ball breaker, call fakers out with passion
You got the gaul bastard, to brawl with the broad brashest?
The balls in your court, pass it
But warning, fall faster than asses with age slack on the back of a Kardashian

The walls crash in, you all on the floor gasping,
the gas pour in the corridor, racking your jaws, blacking out
Catch Grae backing out the back door cackling
still make it back to the bar for last call.