Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Treats For Tweets Tuesday #2

Ganessa James

Anyone who is ever at any show Ganessa is a part of will always inevitably turn around to you, or lean to the person next to them, whispering,


Ganessa James.

Ganessa James myspace


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Treats for Tweets Tuesday


I'm gonna do this every Tuesday..
Someone/a group/a movement you don't know about.. and should

Here's what's new and GOOD and actual live played music by musicians.
(in my personal opinion, a guy with a GUY voice.. I think we haven't had a great one in a long time. Baritone with range.. laaaadies.. fucking YEAH!)

Here's Derrin Maxwell.. Brooklyn.. one of your own.
myspace HERE
Derrin Maxwell
Follow him here Derrin's Twitter

"Drink O' Water" is the first single...

You know, people still go out and play music..with bands.. he does.
If you're in NY tomorrow night, come out and enjoy.
Also.. I'll be playing music to get you in the mood before the show.

IT'S FREE. you gotta love that.. donate if you wish when the hat comes around.


Shoes.. Shoes.. oh my..my shoes..
Shoes my muse
Shoes to peruse
Shoes in which to shmooze and booze
Shoes to cruise, amuse, confuse.
I wrote haikus about my shoes.
But this doesn't count, as it doesn't have the 5 7 5 haiku structure.
It's just an ode.

end scene

Since I was a little'un, I have been OBSESSED with shoes.
Thankfully, my mom was of the Thrift Store mind, so I was trained in the good art of designer searching. If it wasn't a designer, it was a pair of off the wall, amazing, "I KNOW I will never see anyone in these EVER again" shoes.
I love clothes, but shoes always sparked a delicious, warm, fuzzy feeling.
Colors, heel heights, heel width, round toes, square toes, pointed toes, jeans to shoe ratios, designs, patterns, textures, fabrics.. aggghh.. oh.. they get me HOT.

I went into a huge sneaker phase. When touring... I love stilettos OFFSTAGE.. but I'm not about to take an L onstage due to them.. EVER.
Plus it would be tour with say.. The Roots.. sneaker whores. I know they're gonna have some off the wall, only made 1 pair of these ever in existence, made by nike elves in a remote part of Serbia, in underground labs, shoes.
I held my own nicely. I figured there were shoes I could get that they couldn't because I could fit men's 6's. Or girls shoes.

I then proceeded to go apeshit for sneakers.
I'm a dunks girl, but I liked SB's too. I went beserk for everything limited.. every brand.. I searched out all the kick stores in all the countries.. lived on websites.. got them delivered 10 pairs at a time.
I had a giant shoe closet. It was scary.

In the midst of all this I had picked my favorite brand otherwise.. Gucci..
But I did NOT abandon others.
I remember being in Chicago and these boots had just come out.
Kwe was there.. we went to Sak's.... I had a shoe injury an hour later.
They had a godamn sale rack that was AMAZING. Chanel, Prada, Zanotti, Choo...
I got a hip injury but got out with a pair of Guccis.

I sought out the stores in town that would carry good shit.
I brought empty extra suitcases to hold them.
I went to Vegas just to get a pair of gold and mesh Jimmy Choo's once. They were sick.

I lost my shoes when I lost an apartment.. One day I'll have enough to get them back.. and more.
I miss shoes. I loved you all and will never forget you. Anyone who knows me well knows what it WAS.
Fucking recession.

Shoooooooooes.. *cries out like "Aaaaaadriiiiiannnn"*

*btw .. pictured, is the LV "Spicy".. sigh

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SLEEP is neccessary.

Derrin .. God bless you for making me go to sleep.
I was really going to try and ruin my life, probably fainting in the process.. had I not today. I missed an interview with Mecca at The Source, which was the second time I missed that interview in the past 2 weeks..
It's just been soooo much lately.

I should not have gone like that off of caffeine and sheer willpower. NO. Just no.
To top it off, when I got out of The Morning Show with Angela Yee today, walking out into the St Patty's world of drunkeness at noon was a lot to handle.

Got on the train to get out of the area.. got out to get food and get in a cab once further downtown.
I actually contemplated taking the train all the way, but I would have for sure passed the fuck out.

Derrin, upon seeing me look CRAZY, said "GO TO SLEEP". I was trying to make that interview.. but I couldn't even form sentences at that point.

I feel better now.. Not trying to go for the world record.. Will sleep soon.
Had fun at Sweet Cheebas spring launch (START THE MOTHERFUCKING GIRLS LINE ALREADY YOU BASTARD!) and then at Sutra with Talib and people.
Macy Gray played Macy Gray's favorite songs. It was awesome..

OK.. I'm out for today on this..
I never really liked Elmo.. I'm all classic Sesame Street, son.
I have an autograph from dude who was Mr. Hooper. Yeah.. Mr. Hooper's store.. on Mufucking Sesame Street yo.
But.. he made me like him after I saw this.. like.. for REAL..
Plus.. Elmo's voice/everything actor is a black man. AWESOME

classic moments: "How did you lose this interview? get it back..get it back!"


"Elmo wants this tape"


"It's called ACTING..Mr.. Gervais"


See y'all tomorrow.. be good..

P.S. Ricky Gervais.. Jeeeesus ... the notorious just...lololol.. that dude is amazing..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jetpacks For Sale. FUCKING YESSSSSSSS!!!!!

Oh yeah. It's the future. Now, I want my damn flying/self driving car, pill food and pet cyborg. Wait. Maybe not the pet cyborg. I'll probably get the one who develops emotions against all explainable odds and then gets hunted down...that, or kills all the humans.

Motherfucking Jetpacks For Motherfucking Sale

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jesus & Dinosaurs


Umm.. how?

Ok.. So there were dinos-- ok wait.

Ok.. So there was Jes-- ok...wait .. that ..

..but if there's dino-- and Jesus and peopl---.. ok .. hold on.


That's all..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Work and work.

Falling behind ridiculously in sending out all the non paid features and cameos that I have to do.
It's hard times for everyone right now, so the ones that take precendence are always the ones that pay money.
Bills, mortgage and just everyday things that need to stay in your house..like TP(lol), FOOD and such, take a front step on everything....

We all gotta work hard to keep the lights on, no matter what job it is you do, so everyone, keep your head up.. work extra hard... don't fall down right now, it can be real easy to do so.

Trying my damndest to keep it lighthearted and still hardworking and truthful.

Everyone have a great day and find the moments in it where you can be thankful of everyone and everything around you that doesn't suck big time.

Good luck for today you guys.. spread some good luck back to me.

I feel like Diddy's twitter right now with mantras and all..

Although if I had some Ciroc, this might feel better.. lol.

ok. WORK! LET'S GO!!! (see?)

Oh No.

Yeah.. good luck stopping fucking with this.

LINK: http://www.najle.com/idaft/

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Motherfucking BRAIN FREEZE

Hit me last night on Green Lanterns show.

I was all like "Oh ok.. if I have to rap .. maaaan I know this shit.."
Then I couldn't get the words to get the fuck out of my larynx.

My brain started to shut down.... there was an excess of spit in my mouth, when I realized that no matter what I did, these words wanted to stay the fuck INSIDE of me.
I was going to tell them, No.. See, this is your job, words. You have to come out and say hello to everybody.. But they said "Piss off Jean.. we are sleeping.. find other words".
So I just gave up.. and ended up doing some weird garbledy gook freestyle... all the while laughing in my head like, wtf am I .. whaaaat?
What makes it funny is that I asked for the vodka.. So it looked like the 2 sips of vodka I had made me completely inebriated.
Now you know.. no no.. wasn't the vodka.
It was my brain that just .. just said NOoooooooOOOo..

Thanks to Green Lantern and fam for having us up there.

Also, for squashing my Elliot Wilson hatred.. Even though he did say that he said something else about my retirement. I didn't read it. I think I saw something posted somewhere and I ignored it...
I like Elliot.. but Elliot, I'ma kill you if you say anything else about me..


OK.. today: 4 songs to get out.. to the studio with Patty and Wale...Write another song for Cake or Death...Tony Touch at Sirius...Reflection Eternal at Blue Note.. back home for more songs.

Fuck Brain Freeze.

Thank you for the "eggz" shaky Tek! I'm gonna play along in the audience!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Death Of Imagination

Was having a really tough time, getting cabin fever..
Not knowing HOW to even go outside and do anything, partially from the guilt of not being "productive" in some way by doing so...partially from not having anything to do in the area that was an independent trip.
One with just walking, or traveling without spending a whole bunch of money on the commute.

So I got kidnapped. He tricked me when I said I wanted to walk for a sandwich. Good trick . Spent a great day having a great drive and being OUTSIDE. I was losing it.
We tried to see Watchmen in 2 separate theaters, both sold out. I haven't ever been to an IMAX movie, I think it would've been wrong to not see Watchmen in Imax.. from what I heard of the "ooooh Imax" experience.

Ended up coming back to the Court St theater to see Coraline.
Really happy we did. Thoroughly enjoyed it.. I have missed some escapism in my visuals.

I always check the apple trailers regularly to see what's coming out.. and though the trailer for "9" came out before the trailer for 'Coraline", I was excited about both for quite awhile.

It was really good to see the colors, the story, the beauty of something original and fresh and new.. with a lot of really surprising visual turns. It was gorgeous. It helped my mind a ton.

Except for the idiot who was having the chair battle with me. I was making threats by the end. Or the idiots in the back row explaining the obviously "that was JUST explained in the scene you just saw" parts of the trailers. You don't have to explain anything from the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" trailer.
"Oh.. she didn't speak that language"
"yeah she didn't understood him"
"yeah she didn't"
"that's why she pretended to get mad"

piss off.

I have terrible aim and throw like a blind amputee.. so that was out of the question.
Instead we just made snarky remarks on the way home. Score!

Anywhoo's. It was a kick ass movie.. I've missed ones like it.
I do have a good new sense of concepts and arrangements now.

Sometimes we just all need to be reminded that the possibilities are endless.

P.S. The image included above is from a great line of T Shirts.. Threadless. They make really cool shit. I dig them a bunch. They are the beezneez.
Check em out.


It's that time again.

Yuppo. Time to hand the album in..
The listening again and again of songs..thinking of the sequencing, the artwork, the general cohesive idea of it all.
This one is special, or a lot of reasons. It took YEARS to finally get the right concept down, for it to make sense. Not just random songs scattered about, but a collective thought. When I did, it was all obvious and a "DUH" moment.
Many more things than that as well.

Man, I've been writing so much that when I close my eyes I see words, words, WORDS. Like a word jumble game. Trying to pick out new things in all directions that I either haven't used, used in that context, or in that flow, style.
Challenging myself.
Above all else, I'm tough on myself like that. I record whole songs that no one ever gets to hear. They get trashed. Just not up to par with what I want to do.
I don't think I'm a perfectionist, but when it's perfect for ME and the way I can hear it in my head.. then YAY!

I see the colored audio protools bars overlapping the word jumble. I can't stop thinking.. just THINKING about everything that goes with it.. Video ideas, marketing ideas.. of course keeping it all as close to free as I can get.
But I am excited.

Cake or Death ...or bust!

I wanted to get steady on the blogging bit for everyone again. I think it's a cool way to stay in touch. Word up. OH NO! DON'T SAY "WORD" JEAN!! AAAAAAGGGGGH!

Check y'all later. I'm back to thinking and planning and of course ACTIVELY err...activating...these ideas.
It's no fun if they don't materialize.
You have NO idea how MANY IDEAS I have a day. I'll never get them all done. I can try really really ridiculously hard though. If I don't sleep. Like... right now.

I'm gonna go jot down some video treatments.
Stupid brain. Stupid.