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Jean is a super hero. She's better than you at doing everything. Even stuff you haven't done yet. She writes raps and makes music too. All of which are better than your raps or music, if you do that sort of thing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Treats For Tweets Tuesdays #3(the late edition)

I had the pleasure of making this musicians acquaintance about 2 years ago.
ALSO....It's the first person EVER, that I stepped away from my kitchen for and wasn't worried about them cooking.

Aside from being a truly incredible performer and entertainer, he is one of my favorite people in the entire universe.

Kwame-Brandt Pierce.... 3BeanStew

3BeanStew myspace

check out the 3Bean Children's Theater page as well.
Stories that nurture imagination.
If any of you have children, or shoot.. just have a great imagination please check it out.

p.s. this is my favorite album that people didn't know about of 2008. Fucking SICK.

There is beautiful music being made.. just keep your ears open

Creativity is alive and thriving.. help us to keep it that way.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dear Activia,


Just .. look man...I know what you're for. I get it. I do. That being said......

You can't have NO timetable on WHEN you're going to up and work like that. That's crazy.
2 weeks is fucking grossly (no pun intended)inaccurate. This is nutty(pun intended).

I had things to do and you just completely ignore the fact that people have LIVES and JOBS and PLANS. You are dumb. You are a dumb little yogurt with no couth.

Here are 2 other DUMB things I have had the displeasure of seeing advertised.

Yeeeah. What I REALLY dig about the cats who came up with this revolutionary idea, is the clever name they chose. "Shoes Under".

Word? Are we at this point now? Shoes fucking UNDER? I'm going to stop pressing buttons on my technology rectangle here. I want to curse them out with my face hole word former. Later I'm ..oh fuck it.. OOGA BOOGADY BOO.

I hope you clicked on that.
Now you're in on the laziest, active shit I've ever seen in my life.
Ok.... I can understand....maybe there ISN'T room to jump rope. Cool...

But... umm. couldn't you just..sigh.. just DO THE SAME THING WITHOUT THIS PRODUCT IN YOUR HANDS???

Are we soooo over COUNTING now? Good lord.
This shit is....ugh. I weep for the future. We're not going to know how to do anything organically for ourselves.

This Activia needs to stand down. STAND DOWN I SAY!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


From my upcoming "Cake or Death" LP. I'm real damn excited about this.

It's called "Stick Up Dance"
It's produced by Nottz... oh yeah.. GO AHEAD!!!!