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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Treats For Tweets Tuesdays #3(the late edition)

I had the pleasure of making this musicians acquaintance about 2 years ago.
ALSO....It's the first person EVER, that I stepped away from my kitchen for and wasn't worried about them cooking.

Aside from being a truly incredible performer and entertainer, he is one of my favorite people in the entire universe.

Kwame-Brandt Pierce.... 3BeanStew

3BeanStew myspace

check out the 3Bean Children's Theater page as well.
Stories that nurture imagination.
If any of you have children, or shoot.. just have a great imagination please check it out.

p.s. this is my favorite album that people didn't know about of 2008. Fucking SICK.

There is beautiful music being made.. just keep your ears open

Creativity is alive and thriving.. help us to keep it that way.


Jane Goldenarms said...

thanks for puttin me on, this is bananas. i don't know why, but it makes me want to watch that old movie, labyrinth.

She Gave Me the Keys said...

good look on the info. it's so much hard work finding that good goodie.

*looks around*

hey. where's my candy??


Vantes said...

Wow Jean... no disrespect to the other two artists, I liked them as well, but this is the best treat for us tweets yet!!! I'm listening to "Through Darkness" right now... amazingness. Kinda reminded me of Cee-Lo, one of my favorites, so I wasn't surprised to see him listed as an influence on the myspace page...

Planetalf said...

3BeanStew is pretty rad. good lookin out. On another note...I hear you're openin up for Devin the Dude in San Antonio this Sunday...but there's rumors flyin around that you cancelled??

Devin's cool and all but there's a grip of us super hyped that you would come to SA...

true or false?

either or...i have mad respect for you ma..