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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lyrics To The Mr.Softee Jingle (that make you less homicidal.)

If you grow more infuriated every summer with the Mr.Softee jingle being drummed into your brain, you can use this to help.
 I've written some lyrics that ease the pain a little bit.
 You can sing them along to the jingle and it might make you feel better.
 You'll probably still want to stab the truck, but... it helps.


 I really wish you would just change the song, 
why won't you Mr. Softee? 
Shit has been playing for way too long, 
going to get my gun or 
 I could, indeed, call some friends who don't give a fuck... 
We could come, vandalize, overturn your truck. 
 I really wish you would just think about how horrible the song is 
Feel like you don't love humanity, 
also what is weird, umm... 
It is 3am I think you're...sell-ing drugs.


Biggamal said...
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Biggamal said...

Fucking awesome

JazzyPudding said...

Welcome back...

Phillip Moore said...

did I mention that if I ever saw you you I would make every manly attempt to entice you and make you mine.