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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let the games begin

Alright. I know I'm in now.
The pooping has begun and it's not cute.
No.. it's not.

I thought about all the fun things I was gonna have to eat today when I woke up.
Then I was alerted by my body that no, in fact, fuck my nice plans.

Me and the bathroom are gonna be real homies today.
Check in with you later.
This is gross.


Anonymous said...

I could never do something like that. No good, tasty delicious food...for how long?

good foryou...determination yay!

on a grosser thought
hope have a book or a ds or psp or something in there with ya

Anna Russell said...

I can't even quit smoking, let alone anything else. Good on ya for trying.

Anna xxx

DangerouslyMinded said...

Oh man... well, it's better to let it out then try to hold it all in. If you gotta go, you gotta go. Make sure you febreeze after you release, though. lol