Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Shoes.. Shoes.. oh my..my shoes..
Shoes my muse
Shoes to peruse
Shoes in which to shmooze and booze
Shoes to cruise, amuse, confuse.
I wrote haikus about my shoes.
But this doesn't count, as it doesn't have the 5 7 5 haiku structure.
It's just an ode.

end scene

Since I was a little'un, I have been OBSESSED with shoes.
Thankfully, my mom was of the Thrift Store mind, so I was trained in the good art of designer searching. If it wasn't a designer, it was a pair of off the wall, amazing, "I KNOW I will never see anyone in these EVER again" shoes.
I love clothes, but shoes always sparked a delicious, warm, fuzzy feeling.
Colors, heel heights, heel width, round toes, square toes, pointed toes, jeans to shoe ratios, designs, patterns, textures, fabrics.. aggghh.. oh.. they get me HOT.

I went into a huge sneaker phase. When touring... I love stilettos OFFSTAGE.. but I'm not about to take an L onstage due to them.. EVER.
Plus it would be tour with say.. The Roots.. sneaker whores. I know they're gonna have some off the wall, only made 1 pair of these ever in existence, made by nike elves in a remote part of Serbia, in underground labs, shoes.
I held my own nicely. I figured there were shoes I could get that they couldn't because I could fit men's 6's. Or girls shoes.

I then proceeded to go apeshit for sneakers.
I'm a dunks girl, but I liked SB's too. I went beserk for everything limited.. every brand.. I searched out all the kick stores in all the countries.. lived on websites.. got them delivered 10 pairs at a time.
I had a giant shoe closet. It was scary.

In the midst of all this I had picked my favorite brand otherwise.. Gucci..
But I did NOT abandon others.
I remember being in Chicago and these boots had just come out.
Kwe was there.. we went to Sak's.... I had a shoe injury an hour later.
They had a godamn sale rack that was AMAZING. Chanel, Prada, Zanotti, Choo...
I got a hip injury but got out with a pair of Guccis.

I sought out the stores in town that would carry good shit.
I brought empty extra suitcases to hold them.
I went to Vegas just to get a pair of gold and mesh Jimmy Choo's once. They were sick.

I lost my shoes when I lost an apartment.. One day I'll have enough to get them back.. and more.
I miss shoes. I loved you all and will never forget you. Anyone who knows me well knows what it WAS.
Fucking recession.

Shoooooooooes.. *cries out like "Aaaaaadriiiiiannnn"*

*btw .. pictured, is the LV "Spicy".. sigh


Karuna said...

You are so funny. Really, shoes? I feel it - my avatar on blip.fm is a pretty fierce set of stilettos, wish I could upload it for you here. A nicely designed set of shoes are truly inspirational objects.

Diane said...

these shoes are bad ass!
and yes i feel you when it comes to dunks & sbs.
throw me a pair ne day!
nice lil rap at de beginning of the post!

Sum Kinda Wonderful... said...

"Shoes in which to shmooze and booze"

Awesomeness Jean, pure awesomeness.

Combat Jack said...

That LV spicy is mad sexy yo.

Matt said...



moocow422 said...

sorry for your losses ..

what happened w/ the apartment? how'd that come about?

Urban Survival Syndrome said...

I feel you on the love for footwear. I recall hitting a point were my neighbors had to be thinking what was I having come to the house. I had kicks coming everyday. I know one week I had like 72 pairs come in. I couldn't help it. I have a hard time finding shoes in my size at a good price. So I saw a deal on ebay from a store going out of business. I had to get them. My collection to has dropped some. The only rare joints I have are like 1 out of 200 or 1 out of 96 no 1 of a kind Questo stuff.

Vantes said...

iCertainly wouldn't mind seeing Jeannie in those shoes...

E-line said...

Maybe it's time for "Shoes Under" Jean?? lmao

Shantan said...

Why don't you turn this into a song? You totally would have a hit if you wrote a song about shoes. If only for a joke, do this on the "Gully Slime Riddim".. trust me! hit yo! hit!