Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SLEEP is neccessary.

Derrin .. God bless you for making me go to sleep.
I was really going to try and ruin my life, probably fainting in the process.. had I not today. I missed an interview with Mecca at The Source, which was the second time I missed that interview in the past 2 weeks..
It's just been soooo much lately.

I should not have gone like that off of caffeine and sheer willpower. NO. Just no.
To top it off, when I got out of The Morning Show with Angela Yee today, walking out into the St Patty's world of drunkeness at noon was a lot to handle.

Got on the train to get out of the area.. got out to get food and get in a cab once further downtown.
I actually contemplated taking the train all the way, but I would have for sure passed the fuck out.

Derrin, upon seeing me look CRAZY, said "GO TO SLEEP". I was trying to make that interview.. but I couldn't even form sentences at that point.

I feel better now.. Not trying to go for the world record.. Will sleep soon.
Had fun at Sweet Cheebas spring launch (START THE MOTHERFUCKING GIRLS LINE ALREADY YOU BASTARD!) and then at Sutra with Talib and people.
Macy Gray played Macy Gray's favorite songs. It was awesome..

OK.. I'm out for today on this..
I never really liked Elmo.. I'm all classic Sesame Street, son.
I have an autograph from dude who was Mr. Hooper. Yeah.. Mr. Hooper's store.. on Mufucking Sesame Street yo.
But.. he made me like him after I saw this.. like.. for REAL..
Plus.. Elmo's voice/everything actor is a black man. AWESOME

classic moments: "How did you lose this interview? get it back..get it back!"


"Elmo wants this tape"


"It's called ACTING..Mr.. Gervais"


See y'all tomorrow.. be good..

P.S. Ricky Gervais.. Jeeeesus ... the notorious just...lololol.. that dude is amazing..


readyornot said...

i'm only commenting cause i want a unicorn. maybe one that is red, like elmo? hm.

Carmelite aka Island Girl the Poet said...

Yep, I'm in line for the unicorn...AND the diamonds too!

Nah, i love your blog!


Michael said...

i came for the diamonds and unicorns and stayed for the elmo...

moocow422 said...

Ernie & Cookie Monster explain the Madoff scandal

Watching Ernie reminds me of the old KMD album. **Little Sambo!!**

austin cabbie said...

rock. so glad to find you on twitter and then blogspot. i can listen to "knock" off "attacking things" forever. was so excited to see you in concert years back at stubbs in austin. none of this matters but i wanted to say so anyway. peace.

DJ SAV*ONE said...

Damn, yeah ... w/o sleep, eventually everything shuts down on us. At least the interview was with Mecca, quite possibly the funniest dude alive lol. Some back and forth jokes and it'll be all love. Peace

Combat Jack said...

You need to update yer shit, especially since I'm reading it.

soul searcher said...

hating on elmo is non-cypher, fam.

i knew elmo was a poor righteous teacher from jump street.

nah, i'm only bugging.

elmo is dope though.