Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's that time again.

Yuppo. Time to hand the album in..
The listening again and again of songs..thinking of the sequencing, the artwork, the general cohesive idea of it all.
This one is special, or a lot of reasons. It took YEARS to finally get the right concept down, for it to make sense. Not just random songs scattered about, but a collective thought. When I did, it was all obvious and a "DUH" moment.
Many more things than that as well.

Man, I've been writing so much that when I close my eyes I see words, words, WORDS. Like a word jumble game. Trying to pick out new things in all directions that I either haven't used, used in that context, or in that flow, style.
Challenging myself.
Above all else, I'm tough on myself like that. I record whole songs that no one ever gets to hear. They get trashed. Just not up to par with what I want to do.
I don't think I'm a perfectionist, but when it's perfect for ME and the way I can hear it in my head.. then YAY!

I see the colored audio protools bars overlapping the word jumble. I can't stop thinking.. just THINKING about everything that goes with it.. Video ideas, marketing ideas.. of course keeping it all as close to free as I can get.
But I am excited.

Cake or Death ...or bust!

I wanted to get steady on the blogging bit for everyone again. I think it's a cool way to stay in touch. Word up. OH NO! DON'T SAY "WORD" JEAN!! AAAAAAGGGGGH!

Check y'all later. I'm back to thinking and planning and of course ACTIVELY err...activating...these ideas.
It's no fun if they don't materialize.
You have NO idea how MANY IDEAS I have a day. I'll never get them all done. I can try really really ridiculously hard though. If I don't sleep. Like... right now.

I'm gonna go jot down some video treatments.
Stupid brain. Stupid.


MB said...

yay jean the jeanius!!!

I was wondering how i can find some of your earlier words. specifically what you spit over Damn. "you get forgotten like you Rebee or Randy" is just so ill and i'd love to hear it again!

Prince Letif said...

Yea I can't wait for the new jawn! And yea, I DO wish you would blog more But hey my ass hasn't blogged in almost 2 months so I can't say shit. Wish I could hear the throw away shit tho...

DocBoone said...

We're all anticipating. Thanks for keeping us posted.