Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Treats for Tweets Tuesday


I'm gonna do this every Tuesday..
Someone/a group/a movement you don't know about.. and should

Here's what's new and GOOD and actual live played music by musicians.
(in my personal opinion, a guy with a GUY voice.. I think we haven't had a great one in a long time. Baritone with range.. laaaadies.. fucking YEAH!)

Here's Derrin Maxwell.. Brooklyn.. one of your own.
myspace HERE
Derrin Maxwell
Follow him here Derrin's Twitter

"Drink O' Water" is the first single...

You know, people still go out and play music..with bands.. he does.
If you're in NY tomorrow night, come out and enjoy.
Also.. I'll be playing music to get you in the mood before the show.

IT'S FREE. you gotta love that.. donate if you wish when the hat comes around.

1 comment:

Vantes said...

Hmmm... iLove hearing which artists that my favorite artists listen to... so I'll be looking for to these Tweets...

And he does have a good voice... makes me wonder I haven't heard music from the two of you...

Coming Soon? *crosses fingers*