Thursday, March 12, 2009

Work and work.

Falling behind ridiculously in sending out all the non paid features and cameos that I have to do.
It's hard times for everyone right now, so the ones that take precendence are always the ones that pay money.
Bills, mortgage and just everyday things that need to stay in your TP(lol), FOOD and such, take a front step on everything....

We all gotta work hard to keep the lights on, no matter what job it is you do, so everyone, keep your head up.. work extra hard... don't fall down right now, it can be real easy to do so.

Trying my damndest to keep it lighthearted and still hardworking and truthful.

Everyone have a great day and find the moments in it where you can be thankful of everyone and everything around you that doesn't suck big time.

Good luck for today you guys.. spread some good luck back to me.

I feel like Diddy's twitter right now with mantras and all..

Although if I had some Ciroc, this might feel better.. lol.

ok. WORK! LET'S GO!!! (see?)


Wes said...

I know exactly how you feel!!!! Thanks for those words b/c it can be oh-so-easy to fall down when times get rough.

LV said...

Peace.... i cee u on the easy to fall down thing....but ummm.....fuck that ur jean grae! a fa real superhero to these evil nonhiphop closed minded im to scared to like anything half way intelligent ass people....ok inspired now? lol...carry on sistah grae!!! peace

negrita said...

ooh, been struggling along today...for no particular reason. thanks for the positivity and general 'woo hoo!'-ness. sending some right back. LET'S GO!!!!!!, indeed.

bourbon warfare said...

i wrote a haiku about work:

work is the gayest
i hate you so fucking much
fucking gay ass job