Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Death Of Imagination

Was having a really tough time, getting cabin fever..
Not knowing HOW to even go outside and do anything, partially from the guilt of not being "productive" in some way by doing so...partially from not having anything to do in the area that was an independent trip.
One with just walking, or traveling without spending a whole bunch of money on the commute.

So I got kidnapped. He tricked me when I said I wanted to walk for a sandwich. Good trick . Spent a great day having a great drive and being OUTSIDE. I was losing it.
We tried to see Watchmen in 2 separate theaters, both sold out. I haven't ever been to an IMAX movie, I think it would've been wrong to not see Watchmen in Imax.. from what I heard of the "ooooh Imax" experience.

Ended up coming back to the Court St theater to see Coraline.
Really happy we did. Thoroughly enjoyed it.. I have missed some escapism in my visuals.

I always check the apple trailers regularly to see what's coming out.. and though the trailer for "9" came out before the trailer for 'Coraline", I was excited about both for quite awhile.

It was really good to see the colors, the story, the beauty of something original and fresh and new.. with a lot of really surprising visual turns. It was gorgeous. It helped my mind a ton.

Except for the idiot who was having the chair battle with me. I was making threats by the end. Or the idiots in the back row explaining the obviously "that was JUST explained in the scene you just saw" parts of the trailers. You don't have to explain anything from the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" trailer.
"Oh.. she didn't speak that language"
"yeah she didn't understood him"
"yeah she didn't"
"that's why she pretended to get mad"

piss off.

I have terrible aim and throw like a blind amputee.. so that was out of the question.
Instead we just made snarky remarks on the way home. Score!

Anywhoo's. It was a kick ass movie.. I've missed ones like it.
I do have a good new sense of concepts and arrangements now.

Sometimes we just all need to be reminded that the possibilities are endless.

P.S. The image included above is from a great line of T Shirts.. Threadless. They make really cool shit. I dig them a bunch. They are the beezneez.
Check em out.


verteBRae said...


So lame. Sorry Jean.
I'll be tuning into your blog from here on in.
Bookmarked it. Promise.

[ ]

Outty 5000.

Black Skeptik said...

I peeped Watchmen...dope...bout to see Coraline too...although i will feel like a herb when my homey's ask me what i saw.

Prince Letif said...

Coraline was an awesome movie. Not quite for children tho. And Watchmen was garbage. I sat there for 3 hours and still couldn't tell you what that damn movie was about. I could tell you that it was VERY intelligently written with certain political and racial undertones. But the whole POINT of the movie escaped me. You could use it for a few clvr punchlines tho. "Blue balls like Mr. Manhattan" or somethin like that haha. But I feel you on the imagination thing. So often you notice people begin so early killing off the imaginations of children. Thus leaving a less imaginative generation. We need to find a way to promote the return of imagination... any ideas?

That guy you know said...

NIce blogginz madam... Clearly you have had some time on your hands... Was following something on twitter and saw a thread that said you were the daughter of a Jazz Muso...
I think I know whee that rumour came from, a while back when you were in South Africa someone decided to say you are the daughter of Abdullah Ibrahim ( a seriously devine pianist) not sure who but ever since thats what people figured...
Oh and yes looking forward to the dropping of your next project, when can we expect it down here coz if it takes to long I swear Imma limewire it!

Jean Grae said...

Umm.. that is my dad. Why would that be a rumor?? lol

Jean Grae said...

And uh.. I am South African.

moocow422 said...

it just occurred to me that the age-old slang "the bee's knees" may very likely have been a play on "the business", especially coupled with the old saying "none of your bee's wax".

hmm. i feel dense now. thx greezy.

on Watchmen, the film is a very literal "filmslation" of the plot from the comic book; that plot, however, was never the mind-blowing or wow-factor of the comic book. just wanted to temper expectations of the film. it works better as a visualization and companion piece to the comic book / graphic novel, but it won't be anything mindblowing. that being said, as a fan of the comic book, it was "neat" to see it filmslated and they did a good job of it, but don't expect Ledger-like performances/interpretations.

*phew* ok. caution/rant over. keep tweeting!

fusion said...

i bought a shirt from threadless once, in fact i bought two but never wore them because they were too awesome and what if someone like threw up on me or i had a nosebleed while wearing them? that's a straight game over.

Mr. said...

coraline sucked wybie creeped me out, i just wanted to kick his face in.

Hain said...

Coralines a very creative movie, I loved it. Tim burton kills:]