Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Motherfucking BRAIN FREEZE

Hit me last night on Green Lanterns show.

I was all like "Oh ok.. if I have to rap .. maaaan I know this shit.."
Then I couldn't get the words to get the fuck out of my larynx.

My brain started to shut down.... there was an excess of spit in my mouth, when I realized that no matter what I did, these words wanted to stay the fuck INSIDE of me.
I was going to tell them, No.. See, this is your job, words. You have to come out and say hello to everybody.. But they said "Piss off Jean.. we are sleeping.. find other words".
So I just gave up.. and ended up doing some weird garbledy gook freestyle... all the while laughing in my head like, wtf am I .. whaaaat?
What makes it funny is that I asked for the vodka.. So it looked like the 2 sips of vodka I had made me completely inebriated.
Now you know.. no no.. wasn't the vodka.
It was my brain that just .. just said NOoooooooOOOo..

Thanks to Green Lantern and fam for having us up there.

Also, for squashing my Elliot Wilson hatred.. Even though he did say that he said something else about my retirement. I didn't read it. I think I saw something posted somewhere and I ignored it...
I like Elliot.. but Elliot, I'ma kill you if you say anything else about me..


OK.. today: 4 songs to get out.. to the studio with Patty and Wale...Write another song for Cake or Death...Tony Touch at Sirius...Reflection Eternal at Blue Note.. back home for more songs.

Fuck Brain Freeze.

Thank you for the "eggz" shaky Tek! I'm gonna play along in the audience!


verteBRae said...

I would love a summary about your experience watching Reflection Eternal in action again.

But don't plan it out.
Gotta be a freestyle, ya' dig?

Haha. Oh jeez.

One day Jean, you're going to follow me on Twitter.
And your life will in fact change. For the better.

Keep bloggin', keep tweetin', keep Jeanin'.


M said...

who don't get brainfroze evry once in a while, keep at it, I'll see you at the top wit some reclining chairs.


taint said...

I LOVE Jean Grae.

bourbon warfare said...


buddy, seriously, is that you?

Dynamiks said...

I'm not the only one. I feel better, now.

Busy B said...

i thought the freestyle was dope despite the brain freeze...lmao. u doin a song wit wale? wow, im getting hyped already.